The CEO Of SpaceX Elon Musk Plans To Colonize Mars



Recently, Elon Musk revealed that his company, SpaceX, plans to colonize Mars. The first population that his company suggested for colonizing the Mars is 1 Million people. Obviously, it is not possible right now to carry this huge amount of people in a single flight. They have considered taking at least 100 people per flight for the start. The center of this transportation is ITS (Interplanetary Transport System), which would make a use of a super powerful reusable rocket for continuous transportation service.

The time needed for this huge project is over 40 to 100 years and Mars will colonize under this duration, according to Elon Musk. He also mentioned the use of two types of ships:

  • A Massive Reusable Rocket Booster
  • A Giant Transporter (to carry people and cargo to Mars)

He also gave some insight into the new powerful raptor engine, on which all the plan based.

“It’s like building the Union Pacific Railroad, and once that transport system is built, then there’s a tremendous opportunity for anyone who wants to go to Mars and create something new or build the foundations of a new planet,” said Elon Musk.

Sustaining life on Mars

However, Elon Musk has given some thoughts on how he plans to carry people to Mars, but he was not looking good when the question about sustaining life on Mars aroused. Some of the engineers are suggesting that claims made by Musk seemed incredibly optimistic and even unattainable. He did mentioned that how he is going to power the Mars. The answer is a large field of solar panels.

Basing upon the climate and atmosphere of Mars, many believe that life will fail even if we try out to maintain it, with all our approaches. Many people give their views that, we are unable to protect our own planet then how can we sustain life on another planet?

Still, the answer on how life will sustain on Mars is unknown. We need to solve these mentioned problems if we are looking towards the life on Mars. For example:

  • Health challenges people will face
  • Radiation level is one of the main concerns
  • The protection from thin atmosphere
  • Gravity problem – Mars’ gravity is 1/3 of Earth’s gravity
  • Food and Vegetation problems.
  • And So On

Bringing back the ships to Earth

Elon Musk did not go in detail but gave some insight on how he is planning to bring back the ship to Earth.

The SpaceX CEO said that he wants to build methane propellant plants that would create fuel for the spaceships on the Red Planet, rather than carrying fuel from Earth. Methane can be created on Mars with relative ease. Because it can be synthesized from subsurface ice and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The first ship to land on Mars would bring with it a small propellant plant, which would be expanded as time went on.

“I won’t go into detail here, but people can think about it offline,” said Elon Musk.

Travelling to Mars

Elon Musk promised that people will spend their traveling time doing fun without any concerns.

Radiations during the trip are the main concern of NASA. Solar flares or Deep cosmic rays releases energized tiny particles that are present everywhere in space. No one knows, what effect would occur on travelers body. Due to Earth’s unique magnetic field, these radiations get deflected, so no harm is done but travelers will have no such kind of field, so how does SpaceX plan to protect their passengers?

“The radiation thing is often brought up, but I think it’s not too big of a deal,” said Elon Musk.

More questions remain, until the crew lands. What are they going to do all day? For how long will they stay before they can use a return trip? How are they going to work?

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