Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Concept

Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Concept EREEBERRY


Aston Martin has made 5 cars in collaboration with the Italian coach builder, Zagato. Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato (AMVZ) concept is their most recent work, developed at the Aston Martin Headquarters in Gaydon, England.

The two companies have taken elements from their outstanding cars to make a masterpiece. The tale-lights from classic Zagato, the futuristic razor from the Vulcan, the super-aero side mirrors fromĀ One-77 and the rear window glass that subtly dips in the center from the 1950s’ Zagatos. They even sculpted the rear end and used a retractable spoiler in such a way that it looks like the Vanquish Zagato and DB11 were molded in the same pan.

AMVZ has a fresher and more aggressive looking design. A lot was put in making that design, the attention to details is just phenomenal. The side mirrors are positioned in a way that they merge in one wide, comfortable field of view. The body is completely made out of carbon-fiber. It has a V12 engine boosted to 600ps, making 592-HP!

Inside the spaceship you can find ‘Z’ stitched leather pieces on the headrest, seats, center console and the door sections. And everything you find in an Aston Martin.

By now you have probably been convinced to rate it as the most beautiful car, but it’s just a concept and the company has not taken any decisions yet. The previous V12 Zagato was $450,000, so the Vanquish Zagato is expected to be more expensive, if it makes to the production!

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