History Of The Wildest Car Company – Lamborghini

Timeline of Lamborgini


Ferruccio Lamborghini, the founder of the Lamborghini was born on 28th April 1916. From an early age, he was fascinated by engines. During the World War II,  he joined the military and stationed on the island of Rhodes. Rhodes was rather isolated from the world. So there were not many vehicles in the area, and of course, no automobile repair shops. So the number of cars that was there at the time had to be fixed at the spot. Ferruccio was good at fixing, so his demand grew. He greatly contributed in the fixing of military vehicles, of the fellow soldiers.

After the war was over, he returned to his house and opened a small automobile repair shop. He soon realized that the agriculture of his area, near Modena, was sluggish because of the lack of tractors. So he decided to use the parts of military vehicles that were in poor condition to manufacture tractors himself. He manufactured one tractor each month. His high quality tractors were highly appreciated and their demand boomed. The success had a huge affect on the production, as it reached to almost 400 per month, by 1960.

History of Lamborghini


He owned many high performance cars such as Ferraries, Maseratis etc through his life, but they did not fascinated him greatly. Once he was so fed up of the Ferrari 250 gt, that he went to meet Enzo Ferrari. Enzo didn’t think of a tractor manufacturer as much, so he just dismissed him completely. This is when he came up with the mission of creating the perfect high performance car. He collaborated with a very talented engineer, Gian Paolo Dallara, who had also worked on Ferrari v12’s engine.

The new engine they created consisted of 4 camshafts, 4 big bore valves and 12 connecting rods. The whole engine was made of aluminum except for the crankshafts and connecting rods, that were made of high quality steel. The pistons were made of forged aluminum. This beast of an engine created 350 Hp, that was more than a lot during the time. The body of the car was made by a famous coach building company called Scaglione-Touring. Thus the Lamborghini 350GT was born. The first high performance car from the company.

Lamborghini 350 GT


It was displayed for the public on the “Turin Auto Show” in 1963. Lamborghini started receiving orders the following year. Nearly 140 of the cars were sold. This was a great success for the company. The 400GT was made next and after that came the 400GT 2+2. These cars were appreciated globally.

After a while, Ferruccio asked his engineers to come up with something new. They came up with the Miura. This car was phenomenal, completely ahead of its time. This was the car that registered Lamborghini in the books. It also put Ferrari and Maserati into disbelief and started the competition.

Marcello Gandini was the person behind Miura’s design. It had an aggressive design, a mid-mounted engine that was uncommon in road cars. Miura was the name of a ferocious Spanish fighting bull, which explains a lot about the car. Similar to the previous cars, Miura was a huge success too.

Lamborghini Miura


The company did it again with the lp400 Countach. The wedge shape design blew away people’s minds. It got it’s signature “scissor” doors and vertical air intakes, that were never seen before.

Unfortunately, in 1974, Ferroccio’s tractor business got struck by a disaster, a major order cancelled from a South-African country. The anticipated demand had previously upgraded the tractor factory to increase the number of tractors to be built. There were now labor problems in the factory, so he decided to sell a part of his share in the factory. But eventually the company went bankrupt.

The sales of the Miura kept the company alive during the 70s. But, Ferruccio eventually sold all of the remaining stock to a Swiss investor. Yet, the company remains to his name today. He died in February, 1993 at the age of 76.

In 1978 the company got bankrupt, but was saved by the Mimran brothers. Because of them, the Countach was further developed to a QuattroValvole.The Mimran brothers unexpectedly sold the company to Chrysler Corp. And that was just what the company needed. This lead to the production of the Diablo. Despite many management problems between Chrysler and Lamborghini, Lamborghini was still ruling Italy. It was an amazing success for the company yet again.

After a while, Chrysler got into bad statistics and had to sell Lamborghini. The company then stayed under an Indonesian investment group for a while, after which Audi, the German automaker, got their hands on Lamborghini.

Lamborghini then again won the hearts of everyone with the monster – Murcielago. It proved to be a great success, convincing the company to make Murcielago SV – A hardcore refined version.

Now financially stable, Lamborghini continues to unleash it’s beasts like: Gallardo, Aventador, Huracan, Centenario etc.

 Lamborghini Centenario


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